Spring Break session

For spring break, the school holds an intensive session by condensing the content of one seasonal-session in 5 days. The students will be able to achieve the same objectives as the longer session but with fewer workshops and meetings. The concert will be integrated with the invited band and mentoring at all levels will take place on the last day of classes.

1st  day – Introduction, presentation of potential posts within the organization, going beyond potential musical styles while listening to various audio-visual material. Selection of the type of training, band’s name, look, and of type of music. Beginning of jam sessions, elaboration of repertoire, of sound imagery, and promotional progression. Starting the creation of promotional products (posters, t-shirts,albums). Meeting with a professional of the field. Small history of rock'n'roll – it's birth and the beginning of the 60's.

2nd day – Group jam sessions.  Songwriting workshop with a well known artist. Sreenprinting workshop. Visiting a show venue. Short history of rock'n'roll – the end of the 60's and the beginning of the 70's. Drum workshop with a professional drummer. Website making workshop.

3rd day – Group jam sessions. Guitar workshop with a professional guitarist. Singing workshop with a professional singer. Meeting with an illustrator of rock 'n' roll. Short history of rock'n'roll – the end of the 70's and the early 80's.

4th day -  Group jam sessions. DJ workshop with a professional DJ. Keyboard and synthesizer workshop. Meeting with a music director. Short history of rock'n'roll – the 90's and 2000's.

5th day– Showcase of the band of the week and of an invited group. Plus, one technical team that accompanies the kids in the production of the event. End of the making of the promotional material.

* The schedule of workshops is relative for they will be programmed in accordance to the instruments played by the participants.


$250 per session 

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